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Addiction Counselling focuses on the issues of dependency and/or

abuse of drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, work, exercise, sex

and relationships.

Clients who struggle with addiction and compulsive behaviours

often have a preoccupation with more than one addiction at any

given time. Addictions can often evolve from underlying,

unresolved issues. Working through these issues in a structured

way can help you stay in recovery, and can also help you work

on yourself at a deeper level. 

People who experience addiction issues may at times abstain from using a substance or compulsively obsessing about a particular behaviour. However, this often tends to be short lived, and without a therapy intervention there is a chance of relapse.

You may consider yourself addicted or you may consider yourself at a place where your behaviour or substance use is causing you and/or others concern but don’t consider it addiction; either way, maybe now is the time make a positive move towards change


At Zest For Life, we offer private counselling and therapy to anyone who is affected by addiction or addictive behaviours. 

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